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NUE Natural Elements was established by Coco Chen, a certified nutritionist and therapist with the passion and interest in TCM. Throughout the learning journey, she felt the mission to share it with everyone to help them find the cause of problems with their body and how to improve their health in a natural way.

With the increasing stress and fatigue in our daily lifestyle, Natural Elements was established with the aim to improve the health of each individual and help them to seek the natural way of maintaining healthy body. 

Our signature service includes “Li’s Gua Sha Therapy (李氏铜砭刮痧)”, a unique ancient Chinese healing technique that effectively reduces inflammation and eliminates toxic in our body and “Health Regulating Tea (养身调理茶) Series “that was developed for the most common health issues faced by people these days to help them regulate their health.

Feel free to make an appointment with us for Gua Sha or Health Consultation, do email us for any enquiries.

Book a $30 trial session (30 mins) for Neck and Shoulder Gua Sha with us now!

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